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Penelope A Riley/ Grandma Hattie

Being introduced by Duckie Dan

About Penelope...

When she is not reading to the children at libraries, schools or cruise ships, Penelope lectures to high school English classes on writing and art classes about the opportunities of becoming an illustrator.†


She is a nomad at heart but came by it naturally through four generations of travelers. It is only natural that Penelope gravitated to start her own travel agency.


With a handful of grandchildren Penelope has always loved reading to them as she did her own children.† She started writing children books to help reinforce positive situations and let children know they are not the only ones living with grandparents, have a handicap or feel alone or different, sometimes.


Penelope's home-base is Florida. With children and grandchild living around the world and being a travel agent, that affords her the opportunity to travel which reinforces her nomadic spirit.† She has traveled to thirty-seven countries and throughout the United States, except Hawaii and North Dakota.† Cruising for pleasure and work is her favorite way to travel.

The illustrations are a way for Penelope to use her art background.† Colored pencils are her choice of media as she can take them anywhere in her travels and work on the next Duckie Dan Adventure Book.

Penelope A Riley,† Author and Illustrator

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