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Through her writing and illustrations, Penelope’s little critters struggle with the things children face in today’s world.  She addresses children’s issues by having Duckie Dan living with his grandma, making new friends, showing all the differences they have from others and how they overcome loneliness.  Each book of The Duckie Dan Adventure Books delivers a positive moral.  The first of the series is Duckie Dan the Traveling Man.

Text Box: The Duckie Dan Adventure Books

Meet Duckie Dan,   a cute furry little

duck. He has a desire to travel and have a lot of friends. 


Dan is mischievous and sometimes his curiosity gets him into trouble on his journeys.  An unscheduled trip inside a candy factory leaves him a little gooey. 


This little duck is an only-child and seeks out others to join and enjoy his life with granny.  Grandma Hattie made the mistake of saying. “There is always room for one more!”


Poor Marr-Lee the Moose, he misses

his home in the land where he was born.  Alaska is so much different than Florida. He loved the mountains; cold streams

full of salmon and forest of wonderful smelling cedar trees.  The young moose does not know what to do.


Duckie Dan and the other critters work together to try to help Marr-Lee over-

come his “homesickness”.


Marr-Lee finally realizes where his home

is. Where do you think it will be?


Christmas Away!...The critters were not too sure about Grandma Hattie’s Holiday plans. Yes, a cruise would be fun...but it was Christmas!


The critters were chattering among themselves! Estes squawked, “where

are we going?”  Marr-Lee blurted out, “FOR HOW LONG?” Oddie wanted to know , “HAVE I BEEN THERE BEFORE?”


Duckie asked, “HOW ARE WE GETTING THERE?” Poor Tallulah’s beak was still open wide and her big blue eyes were huge! “BUT...BUT, WILL SANTA KNOW WHERE WE ARE?”



Penelope A Riley,  Author and Illustrator

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