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Duckie Dan the Traveling Man

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Travel Absurdities

Another book written by Penelope A Riley.† It is an adult book and has a gathering of sixty short stories of her travels around the world.† It starts at childhood up thru adulthood.† Some of these stories are not funny at the time but only after time and in another perspective.† Website has excerpts from the book.

Penelope A Riley

Author and illustrator of the Duckie Dan Adventure Books.† Correspond with her ; see pictures of her travels, updates of her writing and† announcements of her appearances.† If you wish to have her appear in your area, be sure to let her know. You also can make signed copies of her books.

All my books can be found on† All the Duckie Dan Adventure Books and Travel Absurdities are there.† Follow the† hyperlink above or type in Penelope A Riley for author and they will appear.† The Flip and See option is on all the books so you can read a little and see illustrations.


Duckie Dan The Traveling Man it is

†This† is a new site where Duckie Dan will show off his books, have a monthly newsletter and more.†

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