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      “Take Duckie” contest

          Who qualifies?  Children of all ages!

Then TAKE him somewhere. Does not have to be a  special place only special to you. Suggestions; play in the leaves, to a football game, to the library, to the zoo, museum, a birthday party, on vacation, camp,.

Use your imagination. Tape him on your bike and take him for a ride, pull him in a wagon, with a snow man.. ...start thinking.

Have a picture taken of you and Duckie and email it to   .Once every two months or as it grows we may change it to once a month ( you can enter every month with a different picture) we will put your name and address on a ticket and put it in Duckie’s contest box and pull out a winner. We will post all pictures on our new website and some on Facebook, too. Only First name and town.... (example.... Jacob from Columbia, Maryland) will show up with picture. Let's see how creative you can be!  You can enter each child  separately if you have more than one child.

Print, color and cut out, Duckie Dan...

Film StripFilm StripFilm Strip

“Take Duckie”

Oval: NEW

Penelope A Riley,  Author and Illustrator

Text Box: The Duckie Dan Adventure Books


Brooksville, Florida                      






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