While wandering around the beach on the Island of Roatan I decided to make friends with a turtle and a shark.† My, oh my, that Shark had one big mouth!

I look pretty good in my sombrero (hat) donít you think so?† While Granny was shopping I decided to take a ride.† No one wanted to tell me the alligator was not real!

How funÖ they did Josting and were all dressed in midevil time clothing. Shooting bow and arrows.† I am sitting on the wall where you see the orange X.† It was a little scarey up that high up here on the top of the turret!

October 2011, I was lucky enough to go with a family friend to Egypt, Israel and Jordan.† We were gone 13 days. I rode a camel for a few minutes then fell into the sand!† I brushed myself off and they through me back on!!!† The pyramids were awesome, I swam in the Red Sea without turning orange.† I was baptized in the River Jordan and on our last day the Chef at the hotel surprised me with a cute omelet, looks just like me , donít you think so?† What an adventure this was.

I arrived at a Caribbean Island and waddled ashore. It was my birthday so I was pretty happy duck.† When I got to the little shops at the end of the dock, what did appear but a BIG objects with candles on top!

†Turtles and Sharks

The Holy Land

Warwick Castle, England

Duckie riding an alligator


How did they know it was my Birthday?

We spent the week in Pensacola, Florida while Granny did 2 book readings and signings.† Our friend Diane surprised us with a

night at the ball park.† I dressed for the occasion and we enjoyed the evening.† It was the first time I ever saw fireworks!



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